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Jarvis Wedding and Portrait Photography

Lake Tahoe Wedding PhotographyWe are excited to extend our special 2012 wedding photography offer to 2013 events! Book us now for your 2013 event to take advantage of this great promotion.

About Us

Jarvis Photography is Lake Tahoe’s premier wedding and portrait photography studio. Located in Stateline, Nevada, less than one mile from Edgewood Tahoe.

Eric and Beata, two photographic artists ready to provide the personal service that your wedding, family reunion, or portrait deserve.

We are proud to have the most experience in the Lake Tahoe Area with unmatched skill and talent to provide our unique vision and styles.

We have been photographing weddings, portraits and events together in the Lake Tahoe area for over seventeen years, providing the highest quality photography service.

Eric’s creativity and remarkable technical skills along with Beata’s passion make the perfect fusion, the most complete photography coverage you can wish for.

We’ve got a lot to show you! Please come in!

Lake Tahoe Weddings

Lake Tahoe PhotoLake Tahoe weddings are unique, beautiful and memorable. While there are many destination wedding locations available worldwide, few can compete with what Lake Tahoe has to offer.

Tahoe's Appeal

With its pristine blue waters surrounded by snow-capped peaks, Lake Tahoe's beauty is unsurpassed in North America. From sandy beaches to pine forests, Tahoe is renown worldwide for its scenic grandeur. It's this beauty that draws couples from all over to Lake Tahoe to exchange their vows.


Tahoe is unique among wedding destinations in that it has two very distinct and appealing tourist seasons. Tahoe summers are sunny and mild, while the winter-time snows bring a mountain lodge atmosphere. Add in the brilliant colors of fall…each Tahoe season has it's own unique charm for the wedding couple.


One appeal of a destination wedding is the recreation and entertainment options available to the bride and groom and their guests. At this year-round playground, guests can choose from a number of fun activities to make their trip even more enjoyable.

For more information, visit Lake Tahoe Weddings.

Family Portraits at Lake Tahoe

Family Photos at Lake TahoeFor many years we have enjoyed photographing family portraits, small or large. We usually both shoot at these fun gatherings providing that infamous fusion of our different styles.

Lately though, I have taken over with these portraits given the tremendous passion I have towards capturing people. I love having the response, the feedback of a person’s face or body language. Eric still joins me though for larger family groups, or groups with small children, where I may be the one creating excitement and attention, while he handles the camera.

For more information, visit Lake Tahoe Family Portraits.

Edgewood Tahoe Weddings

Edgewood Tahoe PhotoIf you have booked Edgewood Tahoe for your upcoming wedding celebration, rest assured that the wonderful staff at this truly amazing facility will see to your every need. Edgewood is definitely the premier wedding venue at Lake Tahoe. The combination of the breathtaking location, and the top-notch service make for an unforgettable wedding day.

Our studio is located in Stateline, just a short distance from Edgewood. We have been fortunate to photograph regularly at Edgewood for more than ten years. No other photographers have as much experience working at this gorgeous location as we do.

For more information visit: Edgewood Tahoe Weddings.