Lake Tahoe Wedding Photography

Lake Tahoe Wedding Photography Lake Tahoe wedding photography should be a fine blend between the occasion and the beauty of nature. Jarvis Wedding & Portrait Photography is the perfect team for the job. Our full-time professional photographers Beata and Eric are able to combine spontaneity, creativity, and technical skills. Just go to our website’s portfolio and see what we are talking about.  

Being open and honest with your Lake Tahoe photographer about your wedding photography expectations can help prevent problems down the road. In order to produce the best results, your photographer needs to know exactly what style you want. This is why communication is important. Keep these tips in mind during your consultation: 
1. Let them know about your personal style. You can do this by collecting pictures of wedding photos that you find beautiful. Show them to the photographer for inspiration. This way, the photographer can determine what you like and what you do not like, and they can produce better pictures for you.
2. Bond with your photographer. It is a good idea to start building a friendly rapport with your photographer early on. To do this, schedule an engagement photo shoot. This shoot will also be a great time to get to know the photographer and his or her working style, and feel comfortable around him or her.
3. Assign a 'go-to' person for the photographer. This way, he or she can coordinate with someone from your wedding party when conducting posed shots. The go-to person could be your wedding coordinator, your groom's best man, a responsible family member, or your maid of honor.
Jarvis Photography is a premier Lake Tahoe wedding photography and portrait studio in Stateline, Nevada. Our two artists have more than 17 years of experience and are among the best professional wedding photographers in the area. It is easy to get in touch with Jarvis Photography.  Just call (775) 588-9116.
Lake Tahoe Wedding Photography
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