Retouching and Artwork

We have always believed in retouching every single image of ours that gets presented in any way or printed for our customers. Now, how much retouching is really retouching and how much is needed on a particular photograph? That’s what I’d like to elaborate on a little in this article.

Retouching usually takes place once the images are selected and ordered by our customers. An order like this actually can come with special instructions on retouching, but most of the time it is left to us how much artwork is needed.

The most basic work we do to every image once it gets RAW-adjusted is removing imperfections, blemishes, smoothing stray hair, blending facial lines. These adjustments are always included when ordering prints or master images.

After these steps an image gets some more attention as well, such as overall brightening or darkening, usually adding contrast, or often doing the same selectively to just one area.

I’d like to emphasize here that we like to keep our clients and images true to the way they were captured. A little bit of attention is just about always going to be called for, but never overdo any kind of artwork. Nowadays everything we see in prints, magazines, billboards is highly retouched. Often times they can be very appealing, but are they really if that’s the first thing you are going to notice?

Before…                          After…

Before…                    After…

Before…                       After…

Before…                After…

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