A New Life

Among many things, the creation, then birth of a new life leaves me speechless.

I’ve always had the deepest thoughts about welcoming a tiny little being into this World, into the life of two people.

A soul and personality to watch grow, to love, to care about more than words can say. They fulfill couples’ lives with joy and laughter, generate emotions and a unique connection women and men never knew they could have.

This photo shoot was such a wonderful delight! Monique and Michael’s first baby, Teddy was born just a couple of weeks ago.

I was filled with anticipation to capture this very special new life! Mommy and Grandma shared my excitement and were ready with many ideas and props.

It took a while for Teddy to feel the same way about being photographed that day… 🙂

I have experienced this before when photographing newborn babies, but I learned again, that there are many factors in creating comfort for a delicate little body.

Keeping Teddy safe and warm, rocking him into sleep, positioning him gently were some of the key elements for success.

He wasn’t always content with our intentions to create memories of him, but every time he was calm enough, I sure was ready with my camera and got some very precious photos of him and his new parents!

Monique and Michael, congratulations on your Baby Boy!