Adjusting Your Images to Perfection

Over the last five years, digital photography has revolutionized the way professional wedding photographers work.

In addition to advantages in how we photograph during the wedding event, the digital workflow gives us the ability to make many important corrections and enhancements to images after the event.

At Jarvis Photography, we shoot all of our images in RAW format. What’s important for you to know about RAW format is that it gives the highest possible image quality from our professional digital cameras, and it gives us the ability to fine-tune color, brightness, contrast, etc. with your Master Images.

We personally handle all of the RAW adjustments to your images before we burn them onto your Master Disc set. This is a time-consuming process, but we believe that your event deserves this extra touch.

Here is an example on an image that was treated with some corrections:

This is the original image…                     … and the corrected one – Much better, isn’t it?