Brett and Brandon visit!

On this finally very beautiful and warm Memorial weekend Sunday I got to enjoy the company of our friend Brett and his 14 year old son, Brendon.

Brendon is graduating in just a week and is heading to high school in September. Wow! I was asked if I would do a portrait of him and because I’m so very nice and plus these two are pretty special, I said yes.

My absolute favorite portrait place on the South Shore of Lake Tahoe is the Valhalla/Tallac Historic Site area. I do most of my senior portraits here because of all the options for background and the soft bright light that bounces off the lake just down below. Plus for a 14 year old boy and really anyone this is a very cool place to see with lots of history. We used quite a few spots for photos as we walked around. I was very pleased with how the light worked out.

Here are a few of the images to show that off.

For a more spectacular view of the lake and especially Mount Tallac we came back to the Nevada side and had lots of fun on the beach!

Thank you Guys for having me do this for you! I’ll have the rest of the images ready in just a few days!