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Britt and Nate… A Grass Valley experience

And what a fun and heartwarming experience it was!

It’s not very ofter that I get the opportunity to photograph outside of Tahoe. When Brittany asked me if I would go to Grass Valley to capture their engagement portrait session, I said “absolutely”!

Britt and Nate are getting married in May here in Tahoe. They live in beautiful Nevada City that is such a charming place along with Grass Valley right next door.

I have seen enthusiasm and excitement from brides before about their engagement and wedding following, but nothing as earth shattering and inspiring as Brittany has had since the first time she sent me an email. Her genuine ways to express utter happiness gave me a very good idea about what is was going to be like to photograph her personality.

I was very much looking forward to meeting both of them.

We picked a place that could not have been a more perfect setting for their portrait. I had been to Empire Mine State Park a long time ago and loved the feel and style of this historic location.

I wanted to arrive with plenty of time to become even more familiar with certain features of the park and most importantly the lighting. I spent an hour walking around, choosing my shooting spots.

I had a wonderful time just doing that. The weather was perfect! Light wind, pleasantly warm temperature and soft, filtered light. Now I was getting just as excited as Brittany! 🙂

We had a great time together and I enjoyed every minute of how the two of them were together: in love with perfect harmony, passion and fun. To me, capturing something like this is one of the most uplifting photographic experiences I know.

Britt and Nate, I feel so fortunate that you shared your connection with me and can’t wait to join you for your wedding celebration in just a few months!