Eight Years Ago… A different culture

A trip to Vietnam and Cambodia in April, 2004 was my debut as a professional portrait photographer in a different culture.

This was without a doubt the most memorable travel of my life. The most amazing, genuine smiles, faces and moments of a different culture and religion.

Even almost a decade ago, my photography focused on people, more than anything else. I felt my soul reaching out to connect with the very special beings of two very special countries.

At times it was with great hesitation lifting up my camera, not knowing the reaction I would get. I quickly learned though that people wanted to look at me, engage with me, smile back at me. They wanted me to capture them. Their soul was just as wide open as mine.

In retrospect, I believe that this experience was the one that scintillated the meaning of documenting lives of people, encompassing their wonderful essence. These inviting countries encouraged me more to connect with humans through my lens with escalating candor.

Seeing these images today, gives me even greater reassurance and inspiration that this is where my heart is in my profession.

I wanted to showcase some of my most beautiful photographs from Vietnam and Cambodia. Each one of them comes with a story that enriched my life.