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Expecting Baby


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I get breathless and speechless all the time photographing people. When looking through my viewfinder experiencing the wonder of a genuine moment or expression, breathing becomes secondary.

During this very special portrait of 8 months pregnant Erin and her husband I caught myself holding my breath several times. Their happiness and glow waiting for their Baby Girl touched my soul in many ways and radiated right through my lens as well.

The beauty of a woman’s belly never stops to amaze me not to mention the precious gift that’s behind it. The creation of a new life.

The anticipation becomes tremendous as the time approaches for a new mother to finally meet the hidden being she protected for almost a year and will for a lifetime.

I can only imagine the feeling of finally discovering the identity, the shapes and features of your child.

The moment can’t come soon enough for Erin and Brian.

I really wanted to be able to capture these photos with the softness and glow of available light only to match the way this stunning young couple looked.

We were fortunate to occupy Erin’s parents’ lakefront house in Kings Beach with warm morning sunlight. With that wonderful tool, I carefully composed each pose utilizing the light to enhance curves and features.

Here they are. I hope you enjoy them!


Erin, and Brian, I can hardly wait to see your Baby Girl and capture her with the two of you soon!