Why  Portraits? 

Because photos aren’t for today. People who see engagement photos as a mere test shoot for the wedding or as a way to get familiar with being photographed are seeing photos as only for today.

But photographs are for the rest of our lives.

From stunning lake-view portraits to heart-touching candids, Jarvis Photography is your source for outstanding family portraiture at Lake Tahoe.

As Tahoe’s most experienced photographer I have built our business for over 20 years by showcasing Lake Tahoe in our work.

As beautiful as Tahoe is, it’s a surprisingly difficult place to photograph…it can be awfully bright and contrasty here!

Over the years we have perfected techniques to deliver stunning images where both the people and the lake look great, even under the most challenging lighting conditions.

Most sessions last about 60-90 minutes and give us an opportunity to do both large and small group photos as well as candid pictures.

You can expect a relaxed yet upbeat atmosphere and the personal touch that Jarvis Photography is known for. Your family portrait or family reunion photographs will be among your most cherished possessions.

Life Coach Theresa

Theresa is establishing her new and exciting business. Her web site is ready for some great images and she came to me with lots of ideas. I especially loved the one where we got to go to the lake to capture the breathtaking view of Tahoe while she pulled off some...

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Mom and Daughter

Lane and Piper joined me for a truly heartwarming and touching mommy and daughter session. It was fun, sweet and very special to watch the connection between the two of...

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A New Life

Among many things, the creation, then birth of a new life leaves me speechless. I've always had the deepest thoughts about welcoming a tiny little being into this World, into the life of two people. A soul and personality to watch grow, to love, to care about more...

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Morning Joy

What an epic morning after a winter storm that dumped a good foot of soft, white blanket! The snow covered everything in sight, outlining the shape of all objects. I started shoveling at 6:30 am and enjoyed the way the morning unfolded between each throw I sent off to...

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The Gift of Hearing

Nine months old Timas was born profoundly deaf... I met his wonderful mommy, Aiste, who is originally from Lithuania, in my American Sign Language class. I've been taking this class since September as I'm hoping to become an interpreter and Aiste is learning sign...

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Arianna’s Fall colors

This was my last Senior Portrait session of the season. We were very lucky to catch the very last of the fall colors. Despite some problems with my camera in the very first few minutes of the shoot, Arianna remained calm and collected. I tried to do the same. 🙂 The...

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Lots of great shots from Danielle's fun senior portrait!...

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Just a few things I learned about Lauren... Determination, confidence, problem-solving. Soccer, piano, singing. This stunning, angelic girl knows what she wants! These are some of my favorites from her session!...

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