Heather and Troy at Zephyr Cove

Heather and Troy are getting married in September. They are a local couple, went to school here, work here and are having their wedding celebration at Valhalla. This historic site is one of the most visited Tahoe locations as well as a unique venue for events.

Heather had her senior portraits taken by us quite a few years ago. It was such a pleasure to see her again and to now look forward to documenting her very special day as a bride.

The two of them wanted to do an engagement portrait as soon as possible so that they could use the images for sending out invitations. As we were discussing the options for locations, Valhalla would have been the perfect place to get the engagement photos done, but given the amount of snow we got this winter, I didn’t think we’d be able to use the grounds around the facility as freely as I would have liked to.

I already knew the one spot with spectacular views where the snow wouldn’t be so much of a factor…

Zephyr Cove is one of the first places around the lake where the snow melts as soon as the first sunny days warm the shores. I have been enjoying walking my two dogs at this gorgeous stretch of golden sand, crystal clear water and grand pieces of rocks and boulders.

The day we picked for the session turned out beautiful and warm enough for Heather and Troy to be comfortable. Needless to say we had a great time and lots of fun, but most importantly it was good practice for the two of them to learn how to be comfortable with each other in front of the camera. And that is always the main objective and purpose of an engagement portrait session.

Heather and Troy, you Guys did great and look beautiful together! I can’t wait to see you both in your wedding day attire, having an amazing day and a great time!