It’s all about Zeke and Taz!

Our walks are always about our wonderful Vizslas Zeke and Tazmin. Well, first it’s about them, then each walk becomes our purpose too for getting fresh air, for exercising, for recomposing, for just being happy.

Today we had a guest on our mid-day outing… Emma, the 4 months old Vizsla girl. Soooooo cute!

I was so excited, I even grabbed my camera with my 70-200 lens, which I hate to say, but I rarely do any more unless I have an actual job… Photographing dogs is not easy, especially when they are in action. We are fortunate however to have the cameras that allow multiple exposures in a very short time frame and provides the clarity you see in these images.

So enjoy the photos!

Buddy at 10 and a half, bad hips and all, he still has the most stunning gate I’ve ever seen in a Vizsla! (Please ignore the tongue)

Tazmin… Such a pretty face! He is one tough boy on the field and lately bike riding with Eric and our friend Rick Gunn. Just a couple of weeks ago he did a twenty mile ride in the Auburn area! He is flawless with his biking etiquette. We are so proud of him! (The part where I express my utmost admiration for Jarv’s riding accomplishments will be in an other post dedicated just to him!)

Zeke noticed a tennis ball…

Tazie comes to investigate…

It became a team effort to get it out of the creek…

Tazie proudly showing the ball off to Zeke…

Then takes a break with it…                                                                    🙂

And they just kept playing…           Zeke hoping to get a turn with the ball… Yes, he’s hiding!

And then Emma showed up…

Meets Tazmin…                            Then Zeke… She actually loved Buddy a lot!

Tazie and Emma played lots! Little Bud was very gentle with her despite the photos showing her in defeat on the ground. 🙂

Now how is this not the best life ever? Our four-legged companions are truly the best role models and teachers we have!

And by the way… Those of you who know me and know how crazy I am about my Boys, don’t worry, my blog is not only going to be about Zeke and Taz… 🙂