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It wasn’t too long ago when I photographed Jessica’s senior portrait. She stood in front of my camera then with her grace and beauty, ability to pose her body with fluidity, with the clear signs of talent for modeling.

When she called me this time to have me take photos of her for submission to a modeling agency, I wasn’t surprised at all. I couldn’t wait to see how she has evolved into a real woman in the last few years with even more composure in front of a camera. Not only did her beauty mature, but she is becoming very successful with her college studies and has plans to go to law school.

It was a thrill to photograph her when she was still in high school and that experience only escalated this time as I was looking through my viewfinder to observe her stunning features and refined expressions.

We made the best of just an hour photo shoot with some studio head shots, then outside with my favorite tool for photography – natural light.

I hope that Jessica will be able to impress any modeling agency with these photographs to get her foot in the door and have fun with showing off her looks!