Long Lasting Love

Andrea and Joey… Another beautiful couple sharing their relationship and wonderful personalities with me.

It’s quite unusual that I’d get to photograph at the same location twice within only a few months outside of Tahoe. Empire Mines in Grass Valley is becoming one of my most favorite areas to shoot a portrait. You simply can’t go wrong with the place, it looks beautiful always and offers so much no matter what time of the year, what kind of weather or condition of light there is. I would certainly qualify this historic location as the ultimately successful photographic experience.

Adding to the success of my portrait was a stunning bride and groom excited about having a fun practice of taking photos with me. Walking towards me at the entrance, they looked perfect together already. I couldn’t wait to raise my camera up to my eyes and make magic happen…

It took a little while for Andrea and Joey to find their rhythm together in front of me, but soon enough their essence started to unfold in front of my eyes. I gradually found what I was looking for in the two of them as a couple. There was an explanation to their synergy… High school Sweethearts. I believe that when any of us hears about high school sweethearts, it brings an instant smile to our face. There is a certain captivating ring to it and mostly a conception of an one-of-a-kind commitment and connection between two people. I immediately found myself taken by that, appreciating the time they have spent, lived and experienced together. The love they’ve had for so many years and how that displayed with the way they were together.

It was a bit of a stormy afternoon with an overall gray look to the sky and drizzly rain here and there, but we weren’t phased by it at all. The atmosphere had a soft, pleasant glow to it the entire time we were there, which interestingly I did not pay attention to until I saw the photographs afterward. I was very much focusing on prompting my soon to be married couple to interact with each other in the most natural ways. It was wonderful to capture every moment when they did.

Enjoy your photographs Andrea and Joey, and thank you for having me! I’ll look forward to seeing you in Tahoe!