Master Images

Included in our Wedding Photography Programs is a complete set of Master Images on disc.

Q: What’s a Master Image Set and why would I want one?

Master Images are the ‘negatives’ from your wedding in digital format. They are high-resolution digital image files in JPEG format that you can print yourself, have printed at a photo lab, or simply post to your Facebook profile.

We take great care in sorting, editing and adjusting your images so that you can get the best results when you have them printed. If you know nothing about working with images on your computer, we offer add-on retouching and image enhancement services, if needed. But if you are Photoshop savvy, just imagine all the hours of fun you can have tweaking your Master Images.

There is no limit to what can be done with your Master Images: from postage stamps to posters, from leather-bound albums to digital wall displays, the choice is yours. You just can’t sell them!

Take good care of your Master Images. Buy a dedicated hard drive for use with your images and make backups! You can never be too careful with something so precious.