Morning Joy

What an epic morning after a winter storm that dumped a good foot of soft, white blanket! The snow covered everything in sight, outlining the shape of all objects.

I started shoveling at 6:30 am and enjoyed the way the morning unfolded between each throw I sent off to the side. The light started to glow as the sun stretched her first rays on the other side of Heavenly.

I knew exactly what I wanted to do as soon as I got to my camera…

Sadly, by the time I was on my snowshoes with camera in hand, the sun was gone and gray clouds took over taking away the contrast and definition of light. Still. It was breathtaking out there. I walked around in the deep snow for a while, then just stood there for a long time listening. The stillness made me hold my breath for I felt like I’d ruin it somehow. At the same time, the sounds of the creek, birds chirping happily and a woodpecker fit in perfectly. The sounds of nature.

I took a few shots, but decided that just allowing my senses to enjoy was all that I needed.

Then, my early morning outing got even better! I met up with my nature photographer friend, Jeff Aiello and a beautiful couple was also out there on the trail with their little baby. We stopped to chat and what do you know, there I was taking photos of them! They fit right into this stunning snowy scene with the glow in their eyes!

Erin and Josh, it was so nice to meet you!