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New Photos for Dr. Spindler

I have featured my amazing Chiropractor and friend, Dr. Adam Spindler on my Blog a couple of times before. It’s always my pleasure to share each new project I get to do for him!

Adam has been practicing in Lake Tahoe for a long time and I believe I was one of his first patients shortly after he opened his office. He was the first non-force chiropractor here in town and his adjustment methods and therapy have become well known and extremely valuable in not only providing well-being, but promoting a healthy lifestyle as well. He cares about his patients with the utmost attention and professionalism. He’s great fun too!

He has been taking care of my occupational aches, pains and misalignment for many years and now he’s helping me with my condition for training for a Marathon!

I started doing his promotional photography quite a few years ago and have had the most fun watching him get really good and comfortable in front of my camera. That’s not how he was at first… 🙂 Not only has Adam gotten used to being photographed, but he has also gone through and incredible transformation of his body and health to be the best example for his patients.

His new project this week was very exciting to photograph for an upcoming Best Of Tahoe Ad that his wife Nancy always designs with her graphic skills. She is also the one who envisions exactly how she wants the images to compliment a professional look for Adam’s advertisements.

Adam’s talented and adorable massage therapist, Autumn was part of the photo shoot this time. The new addition of her outgoing persona was refreshing! I got to capture both of them in action, which was something new I got to do with my photography. Figuring out the angles and the lighting to represent what they both do best was very enjoyable and always a great little challenge for my own skills.

Here are some of the photos…

A mixture of artificial and natural light and of course depth of field worked really well to show off Adam and Autumn in action…

The Team…

And this is something very exciting that Adam is going to start teaching for revolutionary stretching and stress release… 🙂 All you’ll need is a bamboo stick! I’m looking forward to trying it out myself! (Nancy Spindler on the right. She swears by the healing powers of this exercise! )