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Our Love of Vizslas

The Vizsla (pronounced [ˈviʒlɒ], approximately VEESH-la, English plural: Vizslas or sometimes Vizslak, based on the Hungarian plural vizslák) is a dog breed originating in Hungary. The Hungarian or Magyar Vizsla represents one of the best in sporting dogs and loyal companions and has a strong claim to being one of the smallest of the all-round pointer-retriever breeds. The Vizsla’s size is one of the breed’s most attractive characteristics and through the centuries he has held a unique position for a sporting dog — that of household companion and family dog.

The Vizsla is a natural hunter endowed with a good nose and an above average trainability. Although they are lively, gentle mannered, demonstrably affectionate and sensitive, they are also fearless and possessed of a well-developed protective instinct.

We could not imagine our lives without these wonderful, loyal, affectionate and funny creatures! They keep us company all day long, motivate us to go for daily walks and big hikes and cuddle with us at night. They are also constant inspiration for photos! Smile They truly are our best friends!

Please enjoy these two slide shows of our new puppy, Tazmin’s family in Red Bluff! In these slide shows are:

Our amazing Zeke, his brother Jester who since is no longer with us, his litter of puppies including our Tazmin, their mommy Brenna and (not related) Auntie Suzie.