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Posed or Spontaneous?

As we mentioned earlier, it is very important for us to get to know you as a couple. Getting to know your personalities when we first get you in front of cameras will make our job easier on your wedding day!

Not everybody is the same when the camera is pointed towards them… Some people have no problem acting naturally, but most everybody needs some coaching on how to themselves when they are photographed. And even then, we always have brides and grooms who have more traditional ideas for the photos of the two of them.

Ideally we like to teach the two of you how to act naturally and simply just let loose after a while during the portrait session. Trust us, these will be the images you’ll love the most… The ones where you are both laughing turned towards one another, or when the groom picks up the bride and spins her around even if we were the ones suggesting it.

We’ll also encourage you to do a few photos where we carefully pose both of you. These are usually the ones in front of the lake, or when we want to see that perfect hug or embrace with a beautiful smile towards the camera.

Here are some samples:

A “posed” image…     … then we had Tara and Dan hold hands and just walk…

… Dan initiated this… So sweet! Eric took this one while they were looking towards me

These are the kind of moments we really love…