Senior Portraits

Live the Senior Portrait Experience with Beata of Jarvis Photography.

No matter what the scenery is behind you, you’re going to have a fun and exhilarating time with me… You’ll feel like a rockstar in front of my lens.

Every aspect of your style, expressions and personality will be captured in a fashion that’ll make you relaxed and confident!

Let’s get you in front of the mountains or lake, in the lake (why not?), or even on the top of Tallac! Come along to one of the places I know and love, or we can go to any of your favorite locations to show off this awesome place we live in!

Tell your story with the things you love to do: at the ballpark, on snow-covered slopes, with your pets, or even while playing guitar at home.

Most sessions last about 90 minutes. You can expect a relaxed yet upbeat atmosphere and the personal touch that Beata at  Jarvis Photography is known for. Your Senior Portraits will be among your most cherished possessions.

Josh at Tallac

Josh’s great smile stands out in the late season session at the Tallac Historic Site. Our very favorite place around the lake to shoot, we love this location for it’s versatility and adaptability to days […]

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Palmers Unique Style

Sometimes we just have to show up and shoot. Palmer had a ton of ideas for his senior portraits. Sure, he wanted some Lake Tahoe portraits, but he also wanted to dress snappy and show […]

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Nicks Rainbow shoot

Nick and I almost decided to chicken out when the rain started to come down at Baldwin Beach. But we decided to tough it out and it was a good thing we did! When we […]

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Lacey the artist girl

Lacey added something really unique to her portrait session – her sketch book! Her drawing in the beautiful light could not have been more beautiful […]

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Masons very cool senior session

Mason had lots of ideas for his portrait session and it was super fun! He was prepared with his outfits, props and even a Prom Date! 🙂 We got tons of unique photos, some with Lake […]

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