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The World of a Little Girl

I’d love to be seven years old again… The thing is, I know that I can. I consider myself fortunate to still be able to see the world of a child and live it too! Especially when I have the right inspiration and someone to share it with like Sandy.

This wonderful little girl’s mom, Kathleen asked me to come to their home which is just a block from Reagan Beach. She was hoping to get photos of Sandy at their house and also on the beach. It sounded great and I was excited to meet the two of them.

A minute after I was greeted by Kathleen, I met Sandy and her shiny brown eyes. She started talking to me right away and I instantly got swept away by her words, looks and gestures. Her world was in front of my eyes and enveloping my mind within the first five minutes of the photo shoot.

I found the perfect spot with soft, glowy light on the porch, and before I knew it, she was comfortably sitting in a little chair telling me about her stuffed animal friends, and how she caught a lady bug the other day, but let it go, because nature’s creatures belong into nature, and how she likes acting…  Her thoughts were perfect. Simple. True. Pure.  Her expression and her eyes drew me closer and closer to the place I remember being when I was her age.

She was ready for me to capture her and knew exactly how she wanted to look right into my lens. Sandy provided a spectrum of wonderful looks, even the “acting” kind of ones such as intense or serious, or silly. She enjoyed every minute of it while chattering away with me about anything and everything… How she got bit by mosquitoes and has scratches on her legs, therefore she put on tights. Brilliant! Her bike too, which she showed me and pointed out the “wear a helmet” label on it, so we talked about that for a little while.

She was amazingly focused on making a connection with me which was exactly what I needed to take these photographs. They take my breath away. Sandy allowed me a piece of her life I so love to recall from my own childhood. She allowed me to be part of her beautiful world…

With her Mommy, Kathleen…